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Our Advocado Sorting Machinery Offers High-Performancr Solutions To Any Need. Our Advocado sorting machine uses TrueSort technology, which enables you to accurately select and classify the external quality of Advocados.

The only Advocados sorting machine in the world that really handles your berries delicately

An avocado grading line is a system of machines used to sort and grade avocados based on their size, weight, quality, and other factors. The grading line typically consists of the following components:

Washing and drying machines: These avocado washing machine wash and dry the avocados to remove dirt, debris, and moisture.
Grading machines: These machines use a variety of sensors to measure the avocados’ size, weight, and quality. The grading machines then sort the avocados into different grades based on these factors.
Packing machines: These machines pack the graded avocados into cartons or other packaging materials.
The avocado grading line is an important part of the avocado supply chain. It helps to ensure that avocados are of high quality and that they are packed in a way that preserves their freshness.

Benefits of using an avocado grading line

There are several benefits to using an avocado grading line, including:

Improved product quality: The grading line helps to ensure that only high-quality avocados are packed and shipped. This is important for maintaining customer satisfaction and protecting the brand reputation of avocado growers and packers.
Reduced labor costs: The grading line can automate many of the tasks involved in sorting and grading avocados, which can help to reduce labor costs.
Increased efficiency: The grading line can improve the efficiency of the avocado packing process, which can help to increase productivity.
Improved traceability: The grading line can be equipped with tracking systems to track the movement of avocados through the packing process. This can help to improve traceability and food safety.



The Avocado machine is specifically designed to handle avocados at source. Thanks to the designed unique brushes and cups or rollers our automated singulator can align and rotate your precious avocados perfectly for optimal camera presentation. The Aweta cup machine can handle both your round avocados (Hass) as well as your greenskin avocados (Fuerte, Pinkerton etc).

  • Robust design, extra thick shafts
  • Ensures perfect singulation
  • Saves costs on labor!
  • Optimal camera presentation
  • Fruit friendly, quite, accurate
  • Low cost in ownership
  • Maintenance friendly



The Avocado Rollerstar is your choice when it comes to a sorting machine at source and after ripening. The spreading V-belts guarantees a smooth transfer onto the carrier and from there the carrier’s mid-positioned rotating axis ensures an even transfer to the brushes. The Rollerstar is fast, smooth and efficient.

  • Patent design
  • Robust design
  • Spreading V-belts
  • Perfect singulation
  • Optimal camera presentation
  • Accurate weight measurement
  • Flexible design lay-out
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • Automatic chain tensioning
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