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Fruit growing, an trailed orchard sprayer

In fruit growing, an orchard sprayer serves several crucial purposes for maintaining healthy fruit trees and maximizing crop yield. Here are the key uses of orchard sprayers:

  1. Disease and Pest Control: Orchard sprayers are essential for applying pesticides, including fungicides and insecticides, to protect fruit trees from diseases and pests. Proper spraying helps prevent and manage issues that could harm fruit quality and yield.

  2. Uniform Canopy Coverage: Fruit trees have varying canopy structures (height, depth, density), and orchard sprayers ensure uniform coverage of leaves and branches. This is critical for effective pest and disease control.

  3. Reducing Drift: Modern orchard sprayers are designed to minimize drift, ensuring that the sprayed chemicals reach the target area without dispersing into unintended zones. Reduced drift enhances safety and environmental protection.

  4. Improved Efficiency and Profitability: By using orchard sprayers, growers can optimize pesticide application, reduce waste, and enhance overall operational efficiency. This contributes to better profitability in fruit production.

  5. Enhanced Fruit Quality: Proper spraying helps maintain canopy health, which directly impacts fruit quality. Effective pest and disease management lead to healthier trees and better-quality produce.

Remember that selecting the right equipment, proper calibration, and adherence to best practices are essential for successful orchard spraying

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The Lochmann UQH is ideal for v-hedges, cherries and plum cultivation. With this semi-transverse spray machine, you can easily reach 6 meters tall trees. Depending on your cultivation, the blower direction of the machine is adjusted to ensure optimal coverage. 

The entire cross-flow technology is galvanized and the 90 cm diameter fan provides an air capacity of 80,000m3. The air suction is realized from the front of the cross-flow technique, because this system draws significantly less leaf. In addition, the 8 polyethylene blades, which are built into the fan housing, provide a very low-noise sprayer. 95% drift reducing with 90% drift reducing cap Lochmann sprayers are classified as 95% drift reducing using a recognized 90% drift reducing cap and low air setting. 

The Lochmann sprayers are equipped with a gearbox with a low and high air setting. Due to this low air clearance on the gearbox, Lochmann even falls with a 90% drift-reducing cap in the 95% drift reduction class! Check at your work, using the spray monitor Tank contents, km / h, pressure, Liters ha. 

A spray monitor ensures that you have at all times control of the most important data of your sprayer. The spray monitor can be performed in different ways. This allows you to digitally display the pressure, tank contents, km / h or liters per hectare. By far the best-selling spray monitor is the monitor that gives you visibility to your liters per hectare. This spray monitor features a flow sensor and a speed sensor, giving you a glimpse of the liters that are currently being sprayed per hectare, but also shows how many liters you disperse per minute and how many km / h hours you drive. By performing your Lochmann sprayer with this spray monitor, you work very efficiently, easily and always have a look at what you actually do. 

A suspension Lochmann chassis The Lochmann sprayers are standard with a fully welded and full-galvanized frame. The axle is standard mechanically width adjustable and can be optionally hydraulically adjustable. Almost all sprayers come with a spun shaft. The spring shaft reduces the spray of the spray to the bottom of your parcel, protects your sprayer from peak loads and follows the tractor quieter. All of this benefits the soil in your plot, reduces wear on your sprayer and tractor and promotes driving comfort. No clogged caps Virtually no clogged caps with a Lochmann sprayer. This is due to the excellent stirring of the completely maintenance-free hydraulic stirrer, the large pumping capacity, the filtering and the use of a clean water tank that is very easy to use. 

A Lochmann pump (Comet membrane pump) A Lochmann sprayer comes standard with a Comet membrane pump. The pump that is mounted is the best membrane pump Comet has in its program. All cylinder heads are made of brass that is highly wear resistant, ensuring a longer life of the membranes Always keep the spray caps in the right place Lochmann has developed a rail system that allows the nozzles to be positioned at any desired position and, if necessary, also possible to move.

The disadvantage of the conventional system using a spray line is that you are stuck to the preset distance between the caps. This is variable adjustable with Lochmann’s rail system. Stirring, chemical mixer The Lochmann sprayer is standard with maintenance-free stirring. The overcapacity of the pump causes stirring. 

In the sprayer’s tank a stainless steel pipe is placed which is perforated over the entire length of the pipe. The liters of water that are not spilled come through the holes in this stainless steel pipe outwards. This system is maintenance free and ensures a very good, distributed stirring throughout the tank. Cross-flow technology A lochmann transverse hood is manufactured at the customer’s request. 

For various models, the entire cross-flow technique is galvanized, with others using sheet steel with a thickness of 1.5mm. Another option is to perform the crossover hood in stainless steel. The height and width can be constructed as desired. 

Lochmann sprayers are fully independently developed by the Lochmann group. The superior quality is the result of more than 60 years of experience, the use of the most innovative techniques and high quality material that is strictly controlled during the construction process. Lochmann works closely with research agencies, suppliers, dealers and end users to develop the optimal machine tailored to the end user. 

In the Netherlands, more than 400 Lochmann sprayers are currently running. In Europe, Lochmann has a market share of around 35%! reliable 95% drift-reducing icm a 90% drift-reducing cap perfect cover by a perfect spray image compact low noise a lot of air with a low air velocity excellent service (replacement machine when repaired) high quality a suspended suspension frame For every breeder the perfect sprayer Lochmann has the perfect spray with more than 150 different sprayers for every fruiter. 

In fruit cultivation there is a wide variety of trees (shape, width, height), driving distances and possibilities. It is therefore not the case that one sprayer is perfect for any fruit maker. It is very important that the right machine is chosen that fits your cultivation. Perfect air distribution through extensive research Lochmann has in recent years conducted extensive research on coating and spraying using one of the best test stations in Europe. Lochmann has built a complete hall equipped with state-of-the-art test equipment. The result is the latest models of Lochmann, including Lochmann NL and Lochmann UQH.



ECO VAC is the series of trailed sprayers for the professional management of the chemicals applications on all types of orchards.

The new range of VAC blowers, fully in stainless steel, is equipped with an innovative high efficiency air correction system that eliminates completely the swirl and allows an even and symmetrical application, a very strong penetration into the vegetation, the best resistance to the wind and low drift.

VAC has a large front suction, ensuring a clean application, avoiding re-circulation of chemicals mist and suction of leaves and dust.

All VAC sprayers are available with road homologation.


Standard equipment:
  • Fan diameter 896 mm with 12 blades and variable pitch
  • Blower air outflow 105000 m3/h
  • 9+9 double no-drip nozzles on front rings
  • Low tower shape
  • Lateral orientation of the air outlet
  • Adjustable flaps in the top



  • Supplementary rear rings of nozzles
  • Triple nozzles
  • Hydraulic closing of air outlets
  • Hydraulic rotation of the blower


Suitable for:

  • Vineyards in espalier
  • Fruit orchards in espalier


  • Reinforced fiberglass tank, acid-proof treatment.
  • Available capacities: 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000 and 4000 litres.
  • Internal tank separator on tank capacity 3000 and 4000 litres.
  • Spray circuit rinse tank.
  • Hand-washing tank.
  • Tank mixture agitator with triple flow, with total flow of 600 litres/min, allowing a perfect agitation even with dense mixtures.
  • Double mixing system on tank capacity 3000 and 4000 litres.


  • Diaphragm pump with brass heads and manifolds.
  • Available flow 125/160/185/220/260 l/min, 50 bar.
  • Possible low/medium/high spray rates (from 100 up to 10’000 l/ha).
  • Suction filter and pressure filters before section valves.
  • Manual or electric pressure regulator.
  • Two or more nozzles section valves.
  • Dump valves.
  • Stainless steel chemicals pre-mixer/can rinse and Venturi chemicals suction system.
  • Water suction system for tank filling with centrifugal pump.


  • Possibility to install front and rear rings of nozzles.
  • 2, 4, 6 or 8 independent nozzles sections.
  • Double or triple no-drip nozzles.
  • Long reach nozzles.
  • Adjustable cone nozzles.
  • Anti-drift nozzles.


Fully laser cut chassis and rear bumper in AHSS Advanced High Strength Steel.

The closed sections stringers lead to a superior strength and stability of the chassis, the rounded shape of the edges in contact with the tank prevents any possible damage to the fiberglass and grants the best reliability over the years.

The chassis, the rear bumper and all other steel parts are hot galvanized. A solid steel frame fixed to the rear part of the chassis protects the lower part of the conveyor.

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