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Our Blueberry Sorting Machinery Offers High-Performancr Solutions To Any Need. Our blueberry sorting machine uses TrueSort technology, which enables you to accurately select and classify the external quality of blueberries.

The only blueberry sorting machine in the world that really handles your berries delicately

The BerryClass stands out for strong innovation, making it the only blueberry sorting machine in the world that delicately handles your product. We use specially designed silicon curtains that gently reduce speed, while keeping the fruit separated. By developing the lowest transfer height throughout the whole process in the industry, we have achieved the most delicate handling of your blueberries. These advantages result in low to no impact on the blueberries, making sure they retain their essential bloom.

A sorting machine that can automatically sanitize itself

The BerryClass is manufactured to automatically sanitize itself, thus avoiding the contamination of healthy blueberries during processing. Strict hygiene and sanitation standards are met to ensure your berries retain their high quality and value. Our machine is equipped with an automatic roller cleaning system, its static brushes are set in contact with the chain during cleaning time, which can run while the machine is in production. In addition, an automatic deep cleaning program can be run at the end of a shift by using dry steam to remove accumulated dirt from the cups and rollers and also an air supply for drying them.

The smallest footprint in the industry because of its compact size

STAS has a strong experience in sorting and grading machines, in particular for blueberries. We know how important it is for your business to have compact sized machinery. Our BerryClass has the smallest footprint in the market, enabling quick installation, easy maintenance, optimum performance and a solid structure.

Perfect sizing, color accuracy and defect sorting

Our blueberry grading machine is equipped with vision technology of Ellips. STAS uses high resolution cameras taking a total of 30 images per single blueberry, guaranteeing an excellent level of accuracy. This results in near-perfect size and colour separation and highly accurate sorting on defects such as softness, bruising, cell breakdown, shriveling and compression damages.

Fastest sorting machine in the industry

The BerryClass is the fastest sorting machine in the industry. Each lane can process 45 fruit pockets (rollers) per second, allowing high productivity while maintaining world class accuracy. Taking into account an average weight of 1.9 grams per blueberry and a cup fill of 65%, the productivity is 200 kilograms per hour per lane.
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