STAS Apple Portal Waterdumper 2008

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Stas Portal water dumper for apples / pears
Easy-use concept automatic
Payload: <650 kg
Capacity: +/- 45 bins / hour
With this type of underwater unloading system, the fruit bins are carefully immersed in a water basin and after being led to the sorting machine
Conveying apples using water neutralises the risk of damage.
Technical specifications:
Model: 2019
Motor: 380 – 400 Volt, 3 phase + 0 + neutral
Capacity: +/- 45 bins / hour
Transport dimensions: 1100 cm x 210 cm x 300 cm (length x width x height)

With buffer for stack of 3 empty and 3 full bins
Stainless steel water chanels with 2 channels so you can mix different boxes (with different quality, size or colour)
Water pump 
Conveyor that takes the apples out of the water 
Wire mesh belt for dirt removal from the water 
Total length required including sponge dryer: 1568 cm
Width required at box feeder: 635 cm 
Width of dumper bin: 175 cm 
Width water channels: +/- 210 cm 
Width of discharge belt 250 cm 
Height at the crane 460 cm
The machine has no pear bottom (rising bottom for sinking fruit)
Stas dryer 130 cm wide x 8 sponge rollers + 2 brushes and 2 ventilators